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Our Services


As we continued to grow our Digital Content Services, we were afforded several business opportunities to assist companies, with developing their own customised platform to enhance the digitisation efforts of their business activities to reach out to the vast internet audience.  As a matter of development strategy, we chose to focus on the growth of our Digital Content Services in 2015. 

In 2016, there was a noticeable increase in the demand for over-the-top (“OTT”) platforms and internet-related services.  With the progress and development of our Digital Content Services, which we believe has given us a competitive edge in venturing into the provision of our Platform Licensing Services by way of our proven track record and reputation as a developer of media digital content platforms. In July 2017, we secured our first contract to license our base platform and customise it to suit our licensees’ requirements for the delivery of their product or digital content through the Iinternet.

Once the customised platform has been successfully launched, we provide our licensees with hosting and maintenance services of the platform. The licensees engaging our Platform Licensing Services are typically  in the business of digital media and advertising who are initiating new business lines and will market the platform under their own branding. We had a total of three licensees, all of which are now participants in the OTT market with the receipt of our services.

The scope of our services under our Platform Licensing Services include consultancy services on the customisation and monetisation of the licensee’s product or service in relation to platform interface management, content management system setup, streaming server setup, subscriber management, advertising management, analytics and reporting setup, and social media integration, which are summarised in the table below:


Platform Interface
Management Module  

All aspects of the platform interface management design process would be designed based on the requirement specified by the licensee, ensuring an attractive, easy to use and responsive interface for a variety of screens and devices that loads quickly to improve experience of the platform. These aspects include, among others, basic properties (such as text fonts, line styles, fill patterns, colours and images), navigation, sitemap, menu bar structure, branding and the CMS and web portal interface development.

Management Module    

Manage the entire subscription cycle from information required at registration, profiling, information and history, management, different access rights granted to different statuses, charging, activity logs (usage and billing data) and billing.

Content Management
System Module    

Provision of a web-based interface to create, upload, publish, edit and manage content easily and on the go through enabling the administrator to, among others, add, delete and edit images, text or videos, schedule content, ingest content, search for content and ensure a smooth video delivery system to subscribers on predefined region and on multi-devices. This supports multiple administrators with various access rights working in a collaborative environment.

Encoding and
Transcoding Module    

Smart encoder to ensure videos are encoded in the right format for different devices based on our pre-defined encoding profile that chooses the right screen resolution size, bitrate, frame rate and file format for each mobile device type. This module is integrated with our auto uploader which can process batch files and automatically upload the encoded files to the specified CDN storage.

Social Media    

Making sure the API connected to all major social media sites are updated and functioning well, which includes sharing functions to the top social networking sites and chat applications complete with recommendation engines, invite and reward mechanisms.

Ads Management

The system ensures a steady cash flow via advanced video advertising and monetisation capabilities which includes advertisements in the form of in-stream video advertising or inventories such as banners and graphical video overlays and flexible triggering of the advertisement to play before, during or after the relevant video. It is designed to support the digital video advertising ecosystem, to keep up with market demand, and to maintain a seamless and accessible viewing experience for the subscriber. This module targets the right advertisements to be shown to right subscriber criteria.

Analytics Module  

Analytics as well as application traffic details are available for administrators which help in the understanding of subscriber behaviour to identify opportunities in relation to the average revenue per monthly paying subscriber and creating profitable service and marketing plans. This module enables us to understand (i) traffic sources in order to identify the right target segment for marketing, (ii) average session durations in order to detect the average amount of time spent of each page or channel which would enable us to optimise the pages better to increase subscriber engagement, and (iii) subscriber usage behaviour to enable the operator of the platform to make good decisions on the right content or strategy that would engage more subscribers and ultimately convert them to be a loyal returning subscriber base.

Streaming Server
Setup Module  

Streaming providers may be switched at any point in time at our discretion, for example in the event that the prices or packages offered by competing providers become more attractive.

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